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The Gift of Being Present

The holiday season looking ahead into the New Year often represents a time of reflection – reflection amid a flurry of activity: last minute gift buying and giving, flying from one holiday party to another, and worrying about the extra holiday fluff that's had your ugly Christmas sweater feeling a LITTLE more snug than usual.

It's natural to get swept up in the "holiday shuffle." We've all said it. A time of connection and celebration becomes a time of stress. Everyone at one time or another has felt the dread of the EXPECTATIONS that tend to come with this time of year, including our own.

It's easy to forget the reason for the season.

The holidays bring people together around (our all-time favorite place) tables filled with sweet food and savory connections; more than family – friends and loved ones, colleagues and clients.

While we feel driven to hurry throughout this season, whether to get that one, final present (yeah right) or try shedding a few pounds before we have to look our New Year's resolutions in the eye, it's important to be mindful of what we do it for. Being present is the best gift you can give yourself and those around you this season.

If you spent less energy wrapped up in the shuffle, what would you have time to enjoy? Who would you make sure you shared a table, a meal, and a good conversation with? What would you savor?

Think about it.

No matter what you're looking ahead at in 2020, we hope that it includes tables packed with the very best food and the most incredible people. Whatever feeds your heart and mind 🖤

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