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International Women's Day 2020

As a women-owned and founded business, it's no secret that we're big fans of International Women's Day at Food For Thought Chicago. With a workforce that's composed of approximately 60% women, today and every day is a celebration of strong females who excel at uplifting one another to bring about growth for their peers and our organization as whole.

Read on as leaders at all levels share their insight and experience!

"It all starts with the leader! Having a woman as my leader who believes in empowering other woman has paved the way for the growth in my career. In my 4 years with FFT, I have been given autonomy, a voice, support and great opportunities from my leader."

Voula Litsogiannis, CFO

"FFT empowers women to collaborate, build and execute ideas contributing to the success of the company while maintaining a positive and encouraging environment to grow." Michelle Holdeman, Vice President

"Working in a company that utilizes the strengths that both genders bring to the management and leadership table is an opportunity with endless possibilities. It inspires me everyday to understand how a workplace culture drives business success.

My experience here has allowed me to be creative, helped me identify my strengths, overcome challenges, and define my work style. Encouraging, collaboration, and not taking “no” for an answer is the norm."

Ligia Mihut, Pastry Chef

"Working at FFT has allowed me the opportunity to really grow and shine as a female leader. As a woman owned business, we have a huge focus on women in leadership, and we are continuously encouraged to share our ideas, and utilize our skills and talents to grow and develop."

Katie Davis, Director - Delivered

"Working for FFT, it’s been a real deal for me because as a mother of two I always got the same chances as everyone else to succeed - even with a baby bottle in my hand!" Eugenia Cortes, Staffing Manager

“Working in a company that celebrates women and provides so much opportunity for growth and leadership has helped me establish confidence and my own identity within the events industry. Being surrounded by other strong, ambitious and amazing women in different leadership roles who support my goals and career has provided me with the mentorship needed to help me succeed in my role as a Senior Sales Consultant and has given me the flexibility to be creative, take risks, and to challenge myself in ways I would have never imagined.” Anna Ditton, Senior Sales Consultant

"Daily adventure. Satisfaction in knowing that this girl rocked it out. Acknowledgment by everyone else of said rock-out. Knowing tomorrow will be filled with a shared love of excellent service and creativity."

Tiff Barrett, Catering Production Manager

"As a working mom with 2 little kids, I love being part of a female-led organization that understands work-life balance and allows me to do what I love and still spend quality time with my family!"

Elyssa Wells-Kinn, Sales Consultant

"Food For Thought cultivates an environment that encourages you to share your thoughts, be assertive, and to make a positive impact to the organization no matter what your gender. It has been an honor to work at such a respected and successful company."

Angie Moore, Manager of Supply Chain

"I’m happy to say that I’ve been fortunate to have spent the better part of my career at a woman owned organization where there has never been any gender bias. Personal and professional growth, while accomplishing goals is always encouraged. It has been my pleasure to serve our employees and our customers at FFT."

Liz Sarnik, Executive Assistant

"Working for a company where women are represented at every level of the organization and in a range of positions - from accounting and staffing to culinary and sales - is a constant source of inspiration for me. The value of the mentorship I’ve received from the women at FFT is immeasurable and has helped me grow both professionally and personally." Tina Colletta, Marketing Manager

"Having been surrounded by empowered women my whole life, it only makes sense that an environment like FFT would make me feel right at home. Every day, I get to show up in a workspace that has no shortage of strong, female leaders and I find myself constantly inspired by them all!" Morgan Stevens, Marketing Strategist

“It truly says something when I walk into a meeting and I’m sitting at a table with both women and men and not feeling like I am in the minority. Being a feminist to my bone, I can confidently say that FFT genuinely values and recognizes women, all while continuously pushing us to our fullest potential.” Sarah Cortez, HR Specialist

Happy International Women's Day to strong women across the globe, as well as all those who uplift and hold space for them and the young ladies that will one day succeed them.

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

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