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360 Chicago (formerly John Hancock Center)


Turn your event into a truly landmark occasion at 360 CHICAGO. Located on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Center and featuring the best 360 degree views of Chicago' skyline and lakefront, 360 CHICAGO Elevated Events will be sure to take your next event to spectacular new heights.

94th Floor

550 reception-style

For larger, more impactful events, the entire 94th floor is available. Offering incomparable 360-degree views of the city’s magnificent skyline, landmarks and lakefront, it will make a truly unforgettable impression on your guests


125 reception-style

Located on the north side of the 94th floor, this larger space offers truly breathtaking views of the Chicago lakefront and beaches. It is ideal for moderately sized affairs of up to 125 guests.


175 reception-style

This package includes the Skidmore space along with the additional 950 square feet of Owings. Perfect for larger events of up to 175 guests, it offers breathtaking views of Chicago’s lakefront and Gold Coast.

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875 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60611


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