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Mae District


Mae District is a time traveler. Imprinted in the steel beams and brick walls is a storied past echoing tales of Chicago. Composed of secrets of many kinds, doors open to reveal festive events, charming spaces and tree-lined terraces. A cultural landmark, the legacy of this venue speaks to events filled with pleasure and leisure, fleeting moments and pure bliss — a historical tale just waiting for new beginnings to be written.

The Palm Room

200 reception-style

With large windows filling the north wall of this room and rows of skylights lining the center aisle's 28 foot ceiling, Alumina features incredible light and an open, spacious atmosphere. Restored herringbone flooring lends character to the space, while pure white walls create the perfect canvas for your upcoming event.


200 reception-style

The second of Mae District's two largest event spaces, Commonwealth is the perfect setting for a cocktail reception or seated dinner. Floor to ceiling windows stretch across the south facing wall of the room, allowing for a surplus of natural light. In addition to original steal beams, this space features a built-in bar surrounded by restored tile that beautifully complements the herringbone floor, creating a clean, industrial feel in the room.


200 reception-style

Jades is Mae District's middle space, creating a bridge between the venue's two other grand ballrooms. It features the same dark herringbone floor shared in its sister spaces, but with the added character of the building's original ceiling, which has been maintained since the early 1900's when it saw the likes of Al Capone and his cronies.

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