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The Geraghty


Noted event designer Tom Kehoe, honors the lifetime of inspiration he received from his mother, Mickey Geraghty Kehoe, by naming The Geraghty in her memory. A visionary and welcoming hostess, Mickey knew just how to create an event to remember. This space is devised by industry visionaries with the ultimate mastery of their craft. The Geraghty was built to be completely customizable to inspire innovation and to allow event designers to create captivating experiences with flawless execution. This expansive venue is capable of delivering state-of-the-art technology to realize any creative vision. You are invited to discover how the Geraghty team can help curate your next experience of a lifetime.

Our Space

600 seated

Uncompromising in its luxury & infinite details, this space was transformed from a former paper mill into a sophisticated venue in 2015. From the moment you step inside, your imagination and expectations meet. Features include: 25,000 Sq. Ft. Open Space, 22’ Ceilings Throughout, Overhead LED Wall To Wall Lighting, (40) 72 Inch Round Tables and 400 Chairs (25), 4×8 Stage Decks, Up To 120 Ft. Of Draping, High-end Lounge Furniture, VIP Green Room With Private Restroom, In-House Liquor License, Wi-Fi For Up To 1,000 Devices, 4 Restrooms Hosting 32 Private Stalls, 165 Parking Spaces, Coat Check With 2,000 Article Capacity

or visit us at

2520 S Hoyne Ave, Chicago, IL 60608


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