Committed to sustainability


to eliminate single-use

plastic straws


is composted by Food For Thought each year


from our kitchen has been

converted into biodiesel


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When Food Matters. You Matter.

Food For Thought whisks together ingredients, community and a generous amount of sustainability. Add service, toss in distinguished venues, transfer to a plate. And serve.



Food For Thought disrupts traditional catering services. What you have come to expect as acceptable is elevated into food that speaks about you. Sprawling tables of you-inspired dishes, attended by a considerate staff, your celebrations will be unforgettable.


These chef-created dishes make the most of your time at the office or home for one reason: we make it for you. Food For Thought brings the freshest (and most customizable) dishes to your door for a deliciously stress-free meal.

Located on 21st street in the South Loop, the landmark Mae District of Chicago is a profoundly historical yet contemporary 10,000 square foot space. The original exposed brick and steel beams of Mae District has set a standard by which all other event spaces are judged.

Dining Services

Everyone has their go-to spot, close to work or school, to grab a quick bite. Food For Thought works to bring those spots to your buildings. Our hand-selected menus are handmade that day, making healthy options and your building that much more sustainable.

Food for Thought

"Wow, what an amazing experience (even for those of us who call ourselves foodies)! The food was prepared to perfection. One of our guests has been a lifelong butcher and he said the short rib that was served was DELICIOUS! The service was well-executed and entire staff was polite, hard-working, organized, and was attentive to every detail...All of our guests felt very well taken care of. FFT also went above and beyond with our desserts which my husband got very excited about customizing; we had skillet cookies and mini cobblers as well as mini cinnamon donuts + apple ciders before the ceremony. He was not super happy with the cookies at the first tasting, so FFT had us back for a round 2 of cookie tasting at which point they were perfect, and this was reflected at the wedding as well. Thank you for making our wedding even more memorable! Multiple guests have told us that our food was the best they had ever had at a wedding. From the beginning we were delighted with how flexible FFT was about what we wanted, and that they got excited right along with us. They made us feel that any of our wedding food dreams could be achieved - which in the end was true!"

Elizabeth K, 12.5.2019

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