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Custom Event Food & Beverage Displays

In-Office Workspace Meal Solutions by Food For Thought

At Food For Thought, we craft unique food displays, inviting interaction and conversation to complement your event. With our culinary and design teams working hand-in-hand, we can create a truly exquisite presentation. 

Benefits of Our Catering Displays

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Create a memorable experience for all your guests with a custom-built food display that matches your theme seamlessly. As a whole, these presentations are:

  • Interactive: For our FFT Creative team, food is an experience. We can design functional displays with serve-your-own drink spouts or openable cabinet doors. We can even provide interactive food-making workshops with a professional chef.

  • Eye-catching: Meals can bring people together, and a display is the perfect statement piece for any room, drawing guests in and encouraging them to stick around.

  • Unique: With a themed display, your event will be one for the history books. Whatever unique presentation you choose, your guests will discuss it for days, months and even years!

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PROPS Examples

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The food presentation should be awe-inspiring. We help you achieve that result with custom-designed and -built food experiences and presentations to elevate your event. Our services identify delicious and decorative opportunities to make your menu and event seamless and unique.

This custom service enables us to deliver anything you envision, such as:

  • A Christmas tree display for your company holiday party

  • A wedding cake or cupcake display with spaces for pictures of you and your beloved

  • A stroller-shaped presentation for your baby shower

  • A cookie display with a built-in spout for milk for your child's birthday party

Workspace & In-Office Drop-Off Catering by Food For Thought

Tell Us Your Vision

At Food For Thought, your ideas inspire us to create delectable food and interactive displays. We will meet one-on-one with you multiple times before your event to ensure we can deliver the catering services you need for a seamless experience. Let us handle the specifics on the day of your event — including setup, food serving and teardown — so you can enjoy what you've put together.

Throughout everything we do, our focus is on the people we serve, the products we create and the planet we live on. Reach out to the FFT Creative team today to share your event vision and get the process started.

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